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Originally Posted by Llew View Post
Good feedback!

For the space I will probably be doing it at GamersVault again. I have something worked out with the owners there for the first few events I run. However, this time I will make sure to schedule the event on a weekend where GV isnt also running one of their events. This will give us more room to spread out and more room for computers to be setup.
True. I'd actually recommend putting the vendors and their products in the two back rooms while moving the competition to the front computers. Granted, that means there will be less "walk through" for certain parts but it will also stop a bottleneck from happening.

HWC will step on board for this one. YOu have my number if you want to discuss.

If we did a LN2 OC again I would def need some help as I wont be able to do that demo and run the show. Perhaps MAC can help with that if he has the time and inclination ;) He seemed to have fun with it last time. lol
Oh he can nuke another 2500K.
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