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Default Upgrading from T240


for the past few years, i have been using Samsung T240 TN panel. I'v been looking at all the new IPS and PVA monitors and since i am a huge fan of vivid colors and quality, especially when it comes to movies/photos, i thought it might be good time to upgrade. The fact that i am a gamer too makes it little harder to pick the right panel.

My question is - Is it worth spending a lot of money for the same sized monitor with superior panel and features? Will the difference be significant?

I'v been looking at monitors like Dell U2410, ASUS PA246Q or EIZO FS2331. The 27'' variants are too expensive for my current budget.

I'll be using the monitor mostly for entertainment purposes - movies/tv/streams, gaming and light photo/video editing. Other than that usual stuff like internet and some work (nothing graphics related).
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