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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Phaddie View Post
Well guys,
Change of plan. 2 nights ago my current GTX 280 went south on me :( So I pulled some strings (Father's day gift, early birthday) and I can replace this thing.

I have about $550-600 Can to spend. I was thinking the Gigabyte Super Overclocked 580, but have read on Tom's Hardware that 2 x hd 6950 will outperform.



Totally depends on your resolution you're running. To be honest a 580 is overkill for 16x10 reso's, and Im still not sold on AMD's Xfire track record enough to invest in it (ask Arinoth about the horrors for first hand experience).

Have you considered picking up a used system off the forums here? You could probably get a good i7 rig and GPU well within that budget...
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