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Default For Future Reference

The CM V6 GT does, in fact, fit on the good ol' EVGA Classified 760.

It very lightly touches that absurdly tall heatsink I was worried about in the first place, though. Just the bottom three fins are in contact with it, and as soon as I am sure that I don't want to call in the warranty on it for any reason, I'm going to shave those down just a tad.

So. Now you know.

The thing looks like it's eating the motherboard, but I gotta say, it looks like it was made specifically for the ATCS 840.

Also, even in a closed case with less-than-good airflow, with ambient temps hovering around 30c, it's keeping it at about 39-40c. Yes, it's hot in here. I'm rather happy with it. The stock sink was only managing an abysmal 45-50-ish in a room with sub-20c temps year-round.

My one gripe is that the cable splitter for the fans had a slightly loose connection.
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