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My System Specs


Just a couple of notes here:
I cannot say for sure about the 750i Board, but I have an Evga 780i A1 board and I also was (and still am) trying out various RAM combinations!
firstly, the Evga website only lists a small amount of Memory that WILL actually run fine on an Evga Board. Best bet is to Log On to the Evga Web site and go to the Forums and'll likely get replies on whether or not various unlisted Brands run without issues.
also, while on that Forum, have a look at the various "Signatures" of many of the "OC'ers etc, seeing if you can find the same combo as your.....and email them with questions (from experience).
The Evga 780i board is absolutly fantastic, for myself anyhow being a Rookie OC'er. Very easy to understand the process, great n easy to use BIOS, excellent instruction Book and fantastic Online Support....good job Evga!
Also, cannot forget thier Step-up Program! Another plus from Evga!
Like yourself, Evga was a first for myself, I had previously had Asus and Gigabit, but found the Evga 780i Board interesting and worth a look.
Some negative comments (within this Forum when I first built) was a concern with heat ......what heat??? Southbridge, Northbridge Temps are all great at 3.8 OC....actually, check out the results of the Extreme OC'ers on the Evga Web site Forum running both 780i and 790i Boards, for the most part I believe their pretty satisfied.
Back to Memory, I was running 4 x 1GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer (all slots full) with absolutly no issues.
CPU (E8400) running at 3.8 Ghz, Unlinked (very good option with the 780i) and Memory at 4-4-4-12 1T @ 2.15v all 4 Sticks.

Now, I have 2 x 2GB mushkin XP PC2 Redline 8000 (in transit from Ontario ).....oh, thanks Eldonko for that review, you n Mushkin convinced me to try it out! Anyhow, did the same, lots of researching to try and find folks with "Mushkin Issues" on 780i Boards, as Evga doesn't list Mushkin Redlines as compatible. however, mushkin Website also has a compatability checker, very handy, and thier are success stories with Mushkin and Evga Boards.

anyhow, point being, not everything you read is gospel, find several different sources of info and "go for it"

Enjoy your Evga Board!


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