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Originally Posted by ilya View Post
Or they could just price the lower end units like the ECO/H50 more reasonably. Wholesale price on those things should be around $20-$30, I don't see a particularly good reason for the ~100% markup. Of course you don't want to make the brand cheap, but it would make a lot of sense to have a ~$40 low performance option to better compete with air coolers in all price brackets. I'm pretty sure a $40 watercooling unit that can match the performance of a Hyper 212 would fly off shelves, even if it didn't come with a fan/AM3 mounting.
I do agree with you on this.. the pricing for these may perhaps be on the high side for what they are compared to those of a air cooler.. But would you take a H60 for a few dollars more over a Hyper 212 and know your going to have a slightly cooler and quieter system?

I would.
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