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My System Specs


A lot of people like to point fingers at these units because they don't perform along the lines of custom loops or even the highest end Air Coolers. Thats fine, its understandable because of the way a lot of companies like to market them.

However, they do have a rightful place in the market and I fully support the good deisgns. I, ran into a snag a year back now with my X58 build. The Lexa S that housed everything would not accept any of the Massive Tower coolers I had on hand. Nor would the Scout without losing my side Fans....
The trade off was, using a sealed water cooler like the H50 I was able to keep the case, board and everything else the way I wanted without reverting to a crappy low profile solution or changing to a case I didn't want.
The same goes for my RAM, I changed to an ECO in another build because I refused to have to buy new RAM for a build when getting an ECO was much much cheaper.

These units have their place, when they stop marketing them to Beat Air Cooling (Unless they actually do) then it will make more sense I think for a lot of people.

As it stands, they are here to stay I believe. Great review AkG.


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