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Well...tbh...I am an asshole. :)~

Seriously though, Ive done most everything else. Played at sniping (which is lame and so un-realistic...and yes I shoot in RL) at long range only. Only counter sniping. Assault wookie. Ugg the Assaulter. A Medic who only hands out med packs (which is what a medic is SUPPOSED to do), and everything else including playing it "serious". So greifing got me an extra 15hours of entertainment out of it.

Right now Im back to only shooting other snipers (even if someone is shooting at me I dont shoot back unless he is a sniper) and having fun. My K/D sucks...but I never have given two shits about that.

WHen that gets boring...maybe I will try TK knife rampages again
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