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I found the configurations to be really confusing. On newegg, some people say that dual cards results in disabling that port. But, maybe they have them in the wrong slots. There's three slots for video cards. You don't want it in the black slot.

All the Asus 1155 boards have this issue so I think it's ok to quote a different board.

Asus P8Z68-V PRO Intel Z68 Motherboard Gets Picture Preview - Softpedia

Of the three PCIe x16 slots, only the first one is capable of running in an x16 mode as the second has only eight PCI Express lanes linked to it and the third operates at up to x4 speeds.

The default setting in the BIOS runs this last slot in an x1 mode as “forcing” x4 operation disables the USB 3.0 front header, eSATA ports and both PCI Express x1 slots available on the P8Z68-V PRO.
So, if you Crossfire two cards, just use the first two PCI-e x16 (blue and white one) slots and the cards will run at x8 (aka dual x8) instead of x16. That shouldn't disable your PCI-e x1 slot so you should be able to use that sound card. Don't use the black PCI-e x16 slot.

Read different things, though. If it's incorrect, I'm sure someone will explain and correct it.
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