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My System Specs


Your WD green drives will fail in any form of RAID. I would not suggest even trying it.
The EARS drives require special formatting, and if it isn't formatted properly the disk blanks itself out (loses MBR) and is unreadable.. not to mention the timing issue with the drive dropping out of the array. It's a setup for failure. I wouldn't recommend WD blacks for a raid either - they tend to drop from the array too.
RE4 GPs will work well, but are more expensive obviously.

WHS is probably the best use with the WD EARS greens. It's basically SBS Server 2003, and properly formats the EARS drives (as far as I know).
WHS also hates RAID setups. I haven't successfully setup a RAID 1 for WHS.. my suggestion is to install WHS on the smaller 500GB drive (don't have the 2TB greens installed when you install the OS) then when you have all the users and folders setup - join the 2TB drives to the WHS, then ghost / duplicate the 500GB OS drive for backup. Even though WHS has a pretty good recovery system in place.. I tend to Ghost everything anyways.

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