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Originally Posted by Mr. Gruntsworthy View Post
Now, I'm not that familiar with laptops, but the specs on that laptop don't look appealing for the price tag, especially compared to others I've seen with superior specs at the same price.
It just depends on your needs, the upside of the X220 is that its really portable (12.5in and a very decent battery life, something like 8 hours with the 6 cells battery), the integrated GPU is at least very decent (I know this is not the best in the world, but gives an idea, look for Intel HD graphics 3000). In terms of CPU, you've got the choice...

So basicly that's why I added this one here, basicly what I understand with Lenovo is that you should never order and pay the full price, you should have look and find the special there is. In that case, the laptop comes down to about 750 if you do the upgrades throuh Lenovo, but you can also do them yourself.
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