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Dell's 12 days of deals is on, so it might be a good time to look for a special you like.

I personally got myself a U2410 (IPS and 16:10) and I love it, price was a bigger concern than IPS for my gf, so she got a VW266h(TN and 16:10) and she finds the 1.5" difference is big, but she does not care much about the difference between TN and IPS, my cousin got the VE278Q(TN and 16:9) and he is pretty much on the same terms as my gf. I personally prefer my IPS monitor, but I am not sure if I would value more IPS or 16:10 in your case, even the 2311 is 16:9.

One thing that someone somewhere (most likely here) said when I was shopping for my monitor was that you spend thousands of dollars for a computer for cosmetics and all, but if you cheap out on the monitor, well that is basicly what u see of your computer 99% of the time. At the time, I was debating if I should go for TN or pay more for IPS. This got me thinking and pretty much sealed the deal.
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