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My System Specs


Gave a surprisingly good impression on Hardware Secrets when they took it apart and investigated it. Apparently shut down twice when they tested it at full rated power, 600W. They said it almost got close to the Bronze certification in efficiency. I am considering it as an upgrade, as the one I have now is kinda old and is limiting me with only one 6 pin connector. Pretty good price, on directcanada I think is at around 65$, with a 25$ MIR. They are very often sold with MIRs, at least on not to mention recently you also get them on free ground shipping. has them at higher price all the time plus the shipping is usually more than directcanada, even with DC's 9.99 air shipping. Looks a very good value at in this light anyway.
update : as a general indicator look on newegg what is the percentage of reviews that give only one egg for the product and compare with other products. this one was showing 9% reviews with only one egg. Now is really difficult in OCZ's case to make a clear assessment if the product was really faulty or people were just angry that their rebate never came so they just gave one egg. But in general compared against Antec or Corsair for example, these 2 have like only 5% reviews with only one egg. If you already have it and don't know what to do, put the bills towards a better product and sell this one. Anyway I would not keep any PSU more than 3 years just to be on the safe side.

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