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Default Futureshop has good monitors?????

so I visit futureshop often to just check out the monitors. I noticed this one

HP 25" Widescreen LCD Monitor with 3ms Response Time (2509B) : 24" & Up Monitors - Future Shop

It looks really nice. Actually, a few of them look really nice. I don't see what everyone is complaining about TN panels when, in person, these things seem great. The only thing I can't stand is some of the wider ones (is this what they mean by 16:9???), which look too stretched.

Now i'm in the market for one but I won't buy it from where I got my computer(NCIX) because they sell crappy monitors from my knowledge. Everyone seems to say the u2311h is great so I'm holding out for a sale. However, I'm afraid is gonna be stretched wide like the ones I saw at futureshop. Also, there seem to be some issues with the u2311h with blacklight bleeding, etc. So this makes me want to find an alternative.

I really have no experience with the newer monitors because I'm currently still using a very old and crappy LCD. It in no way looks like the nice ones i saw at futureshop. Namely the HP monitors.

My budget is less than 300 dollars, 23 inches or larger, and in Canada. I will mainly use it for gaming. The biggest concern would probably be bringing a monitor home from wherever I might choose to buy and finding out that it is "that crappy TN panel everyone told you to stay away from".
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