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My System Specs

Default First home server

Basicallly, like every one else I would like a central point for the households backups, media and the like.
I wanted to go for raid 5 for the storage and raid 1 for the os. I thought about going for a NAS box but wanted the ability to do more and expand as my needs grew.

i3 2100 $130
biostar h67 board $85

4gb ripjaws x 1333 $45

psu undetermined

old 4u rackmount case

2x cheap 500 gb wd drives for the raid 1 $85

3x 2tb wd greens for the storage $230

totaling 625 minus taxes and psu

I plan on using the onboard raid until I can afford a decent hardware solution and a 5in3 backplane for easy access. Thats basically it for now, looking for suggestions to save cost or improve the build. I know the greens arent the best for raid but they're cheap and the RE4 drives are about the same price for 500gigs:(

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