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thanks guys, I run the shortcut as admin, I redo the step again and again, it's still showing up the error, but the folding work fine, I have v6,34 , I think it have to do with the fact it's a new team, someplace in the previous log I see 3 WU send, add to this that's it more than a year that I don't fold , I guess the 10 counter probably reset at 0, or when I request a passkey, because I have lost mine, it give me another one, but I use the same user and it's the same email adress, now it's printed , so I will not lost it the problem it take 2 or 3 day to reach 10.

Let it fold until 10 and I will see, for now I stop a 89% this morning only to find the problem, let's wait this time.
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