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Good job overall.

Couple questions. Did you test the external hdd on SATA? If not, why include the OS' hdd numbers? This is needlessly adding in another variable without gaining any insight to the performance of the device. Without SATA numbers for YOUR particular external hdd, we can not accurately gauge the performance impact the Via Labs Inc controller chip (aka "VLi") has on things (ie you need something to compare the numbers to). Only other way to do it is via use of a second external enclosure using a different chipset (eg ASmedia, JMicorn, etc) then you can easily see any impacts the controller has on things.

What was the NEC controller firmware you used for the testing (ie for USB 3.0 testing)? What version of the drivers did you use? Older versions and drivers were...very less than optimal. Best place to get both is NOT the mfg'er website but here:
SONY/NEC/RENESAS Drivers & Firmwares

Is this the best of 4 runs, 8 runs...etc or simply ONE run? Please elaborate as you need to run it more than once to remove "zingers" that can skew the data. Why test using a drive nearly full? The numbers are not going to be the best it can provide (but considering we have no SATA numbers to compare it to...this is a minor issue).

You may want to explain the numbers and help put them in perspective too. ;)

You may wish to include a second (at least) test suite. Preferably a real world one.

Like I said good job and will be looking for more from ya in the future.
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