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My System Specs


hey guys i am informing you all that I have ordered a new 2tb green drive and will be using it as my new boot drive.
I am in need of much more tb's and i was not happy with my caviar black drive for speeds. my current green drive has twice as fast transfer speeds at a consistent rate.(green116MBps>black56MBps)
what i may do if everyone insists is keep my black drive as a boot drive but transfer everything to my second green.
I have personally seen a huge performance boost with the green. I actually had my heart set on waiting for a 3tb green to come down in price but i dont think that will happen anytime soon.
higher density platters means faster searches etc.
my two drives are struggling for space so it had to be done. an ssd at this point would not be money well spent.
I am all ears to know which ssd is a good investment for price/performance for my next paycheck tho lol.
something in the 200+MBps area would be great! :)
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