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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
Didn't want to start a new thread. I am looking for a video card for myself, will give me 5770 to my gf, she will also do some folding, and I am looking for something for myself. I am looking at either GTX 460 or GTX 550 Ti. Which would be faster for folding? I guess the more CUDA cores the faster? Newegg has the Asus ENGTX460 directCU TOP/2DI/768MD5 at 145 with a 30$ MIR. I guess would be a good buy? Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, i am limited by the PSU to a single 6pin connector. Any GTX 460 with a single 6pin connector?
You sure you limited to one connector? Often cards will come with, or you can buy, a molex to PCI-E adapter, which will allow you to use an available molex plug for your gpu.

I would go with a 460 for the additional cores. Overclock the core a bit when you get it.
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