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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
How does that work for you when you're browsing the internet, or web browsing. As i tend to use my centre monitor for these tasks (rather then stretching web browsing and such across the three monitors). Do you just have it sized to so that it only fits in the viewable section of the middle monitor?
Yep, I just size each window to whichever display I place it in. I do multitask, especially when I mod my games and such. It's fantastic to have a firefox window in one display, a file folder in another and maybe even a movie or something in the other.

I also love when watching YouTube vids that others with Surround/Eyefinity post, you can pop out the video and watch it spanned on all three displays just like it's being played on your system. Such a cool idea. I've actually posted a few myself.
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