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Thanks Sam and Dan, was not able to edit my confusing post, but here the situation , I made all the test you suggest to me even before post here, I even flash the BIOS with 3 different version

It’s the MSI tech who told me that I need to purchase Qualify memory for their board, it’s why I ask “do we need special memory for P67” ….. after recheck that board for 2 days, it happen that not only my BIOS have a problem with accessing a part of it , the “ green power” section , but I have no temp or voltage reading in the bios too, but I have in Windows, and that will explain the problem in the green section of the bios, it hang because it can read the thing.

So I contact New Egg, they was kind enough to send me a prepaid UPS label by email, so for now the board is in direction of their Canadian Warehouse.
Finally I was able to fix the RAM problem , first RMA of a board in 25 years.
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