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Default wireless routers??

Wireless routers. Well Iím far from any kind of authority on the subject, but here is a list of the ones I have tried (and two of them I own).
1. D-link 604+ (an early G model, not made any more, sold in a package deal by TELUS, weak wireless signal)
2. Belkin N1 (I had this unit for a few weeks, I got rid of it because I didnít like there tech support)
3. I settled for a Linksys WRT350N (setup was easy, then I had a bit of a problem with the MAC address, but got that straightened out with the knowledgeable tech support staff at Linksys)
So my overall recommendation would be the Linksys WRT350N, very strong wireless signal, great tech support, and there web based setup procedure is great also, besides I like the USB port they have incorporated into this router, now if I could just figure out how to set up the server configuration using a ddns server I would be real happy. Hope this helps.
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