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My System Specs


1: what is the différence between : '' CPUTIN'' and ''CORE #'' ?? Because there is 10C différence.
''CORE #'' are hotter than ''CPUTIN''

Is it normal or it's a bug ?

Take a look a the image.

That might be my problem?


Originally Posted by Your_friendly_gamer View Post
Here are my temps my cpu is slighly oc'd to 3.36 ghz, I just ran prime 95 for about 5 minutes or so and below is what I get, this is with HT on. Before you buy a new cooler, just try adding another fan, if it's still bad, then just spend around 60-100 bucks and buy yourself a nice cooler. MY megha was on sale from ncix for like 40 bucks I think, and I bought scythe slip stream 1900 rpm fans from canada comptuers for like 8 bucks each and so far so good, I wasnt very pleased in the beginning but then I researched and learnt that these ******* just run hot lol
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