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Originally Posted by cdn_Madrach View Post
I have the LC17 and love it. Yes it is large but holds 6 hard drives and can fit an atx or micro atx mobo. Very well built and has a classy look. Also is very easy to work with. Just my 2 cents.
I also have one and in general it is very good and I am happy with it.

I do have some issues however... My motherboard had the PCI-E video card slot at the same place as the middle location
for HDD. This made it difficult to plug the power connector which was at the end of the video card, next to HDDs.
Because of this I was not able to install a fan near the front case for those 3 HDDs. When I used a fan for the other
3 HDD (near side of case), the power supply unit was tight against it and made it very difficult to plug everything in.

The unit gets dusty quickly, and very hot inside. I had to buy two extra 8" fans for the HDDs, one for the side unit,
a better/quieter CPU fan, and a slot fan next to the video card. The fan for the middle HDDs had to be attached on the bottom blowing upwards.

The 3.5" slot at the front only allows you the choice of a floppy drive, or USB/Firewire/Audio ports.
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