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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
I did a partial cleanup so I could take a pic (I really need to fix my cables).

@ SnoSalmon, I totally recommend getting a stand for your G27, they are amazing.
Wheel Stand Pro | Wheel Stand | Steering Wheel Stand

I used a roll of velcro tape to do all my cabling. I get comments from everyone who comes around asking me to go do theirs - cheap as chips from any local electrical reseller.

I'm looking at one of these (yes I'm in sunny 'ol NZ) but have been told I need to build a house first with dedicated gaming room for a race station. (this is a couple of years away still)

The desk is pretty good, the downside I find is the chair as it's reclinable and on wheels so it tends to move a little. It's not bad enough for me to get bothered about, I play GTR Evolution and Shift/Shift 2 a few hours each week. The wheel clamps down on the desk really well, and I slide it aside when not using it.
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