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Default XFX vs Corsair

Hi all,

Did a quick search and didn't really find the info I was looking for so just wondering:

I initially had the XFX750 Pro Core edition in my virtual shopping cart. But thought more about it: I'm leaning toward an 850w PS just for the overhead and future proofing (though I may be being paranoid and thinking too far ahead). I want a good quality psu, and the XFX and Corsair seem to be on par with good quality, but I also want a bang for buck deal.

My current system:

Proc: C2D E8400 Oc'd to 3.7 (ram limited :()
Ram: G-skill F2-8000 DDR2
2x 2TB WD greens
1x 640GB SG
6x 120mm Fans
1x Coolit Eco
1x MSI 560 TI Hawk (Just bought it)

Had this comp for too long, tis the season of upgrading.

I'm almost definitely going to buy another hawk when it comes down in price to SLI(or see below). And very soon am going to upgrade to an i5 2500k/mobo/8gb ram and oc the bottom out of it. So just want to make sure I'm going to have enough power to easily keep this rig running for 3 years.

I almost wish I had waited and gotten a 580 or just went with the 6950 like I first had in mind as I've always been an ati user before now. Eh, buyers remorse.

The reason I mention that, and why I'm in the mood for an 850w is I might actually return the 560 and pay the restocking fee at ncix to get the 580.

Any info is very much appreciated. (On the PSU or even the vid card choice if you are so inclined - I game at 1080p for now, 27 inch ips make me happy though :))
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