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My System Specs


That is really hot man specially on stock. I am not an expert but, what are your temps like for example your board, graphics card etc? Do you have a good case, for air I mean? That is upsetting me too. Like I have said in my previous threads, I am coming from an I5 750 and that was so damn cool, it ran like a champ and I had never ever hit 76 ever. I used a Titan Fenrir for that.

When I was about to get my i7m 950 I asked here if I should use the fenrir or megha and AKG wrote, unless you do major overclocking, Titan should be fine. I should have listened to him. I only overclock when I am running a bench which never lasts more than 20 minutes and those benches at 4.3 ghz\z I never hit 80, always below that. And then I put it back on stock, which is really 3.2 ghz and for gaming which is alright. But I get upto to 86 or so if I am doing the prime 95 but that is a killer tho.

Have you tried adding an additional fan yet? I had one but I just gave it away last week. If you really want to, you can borrow my titan fenrir, I only used it from feb until may.

But those temps are crazy, I am not sure how if you are not ocing or anything. But read some other reviews here under cooling.

But good luck tho, lets get these temps down G!

Originally Posted by FullArson View Post
I've tried. Nothing Improved.

WIth HT on I get
Idle: 41,36,40,36
Load(small FTTs): 74,71,68,67

With HT Off:
Idle: 41,36,40,36
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