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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Your_friendly_gamer View Post
I recently got an I7 950 as well. This ***** runs hot but not as hot as your temps. At full load I get up to around 55-59 degrees max on prime 95, but I have two scythe 1900 rpm fans on a megha but I have them running at around 1600rpm as they get noisy. THese just run hot, I read most of the reviews by AKG here and decided to get the Megha, put two fast fans on, if you dont care about the noise and they will drop. When I clock it to 4.2ghz then Iget up to 84-86 degrees celcius. Just go under reviews here and then go into cooling and you will find lots and lots of reviews about different coolers and you can go from there. My room temp is same as yours! Or put another fan on, Hyper 212+ fans go for like 12 bucks or so at canada computers. double that baby and see if it gets you better results, i think it would!
Is you HT On ?
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