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My System Specs


Originally Posted by chickmagnet19 View Post
hahaha too funny.
i could care less about load times for games i usually get up and go do something while waiting for load screens but when the system needs to be turned on IT NEEDS TO BE ON ASAP
so what i'll do first is a bios update
it will be some time before i get a new hdd. i have 900+ gb's of movies and games on my boot drive.
my 2tb drive stores xbox 360 images of games... yeah... im a pirate.
hey; my 2tb green drive with 64mb cache has literally twice as much bandwidth as my black 1tb with32mb cache... is that normal?
I am seriously considering buying one for a boot drive! people call me crazy but my file transfers on my 2tb are 100-120MB's a second! "MB's" not "Mbps"
un-rarring items onto my 2tb is way faster than unzipping on my 1tb could be because of the load already on my black drive tho..
I believe the dual processor on the black will out perform the extra cache on the green want the best start ups then stay away from a green drive for a boot and save up for a nice little ssd.
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