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Getting a new GPU will definitely give a huge boost to FPS. Depending on his resolution he might even need to overclock.

But to get full advantage of a 460 you have to overclock that cpu. Let say@ 3.6ghz or 4ghz would be great. It be easy with a p5q board.

Hell most of us might even be able to give you the numbers to put in the bios. Overclocking is extremely easy and reversible. Try to stay under 1.375volts for cpu, 2.1volts for ram, 1.4volts for NB.

Post back if you need help, most of us are willing if you ask nicely.

3.6ghz cpu
800mhz ram 4-4-4-12
gtx 460

It be a good start.

Ahh hell, didn't know it was 2 weeks late.
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