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Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
Fake DPI? What? Not that I'm not trusting you or anything, but do you have any source to back it up? Or any reviews? Because so far, all the reviews on the mouse I'm considering are pretty good. And the Xai is out of my price range so I'm not even going to consider that.<br />
<br />
Why are laser not good? Laser is much better than optical is it not?
<br />
<br />

Trust me if it were a REAL 5600dpi mouse, it would track perfectly, and on top of that it would cost more than 100 bucks.

To the guy who pointed out my contradicting sentences, I meant that he should just rely on a bunch of random people's opinions, but instead focus on people who have a lot of experience with this sort of thing.

The XAI is very hard to find, but you can get one from, and get it shipped here (takes ages but worth it)

Also, the naga is cool, but its more of a sc2 mouse as you said. I personally dont really like razers products, and I believe they are overrated. Optical is simply better because a lot of the time they will track on any surface with extreme precision.

Also to the guy above me, trust me the CM Sentinel does not at all beat the mx518, it's tracking sucks balls in my opinion. I have it set to 1100dpi, and still the mx518 on 800dpi is smoother. Just goes to show. A lot of CSS players use the deathadder though, but the newest version uses a bad sensor which has a ridiculously high LOD, and so does the sentinel, those mouse feet are essential for it.

Anyways, consider the zowie EC1, both it and the steelseries xai are the best mice around because their Lift off distance is so low, that you dont even need to add mousefeet to it.
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