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Originally Posted by NineLives View Post
Okay, okay listen. Do not just go out and buy a mouse that people tell you to get, you will only regret doing so. I've used over 10 mice and I know which mice are the best of the best for gaming.

This coming from a person who plays Counter Strike Source Professionally, take my word for it; the MX518 ($50) is my number 1, then the Steelseries Xai ($80), and lastly the razer deathadder ($50)

The MX518 is by far the best as it is an optical mouse and does not in any was fake its DPI like the deathadder does for example, and on top of that it is VERY consistent.

Trust me when I say this, the XAI is just as good, but the price is well pricy, and lastly the deathadder is the best laser mouse out there but, laser mice are not very good for gaming.

Don't waste your money on a g500, or CM sentinel, they are garbage imo. They dont track consistently enough to be considered good. That is why the deathadder is the only laser mouse id ever reccomend. ALSO with a mouse you'll need a good mousepad. So go pick up a steelseries QCK+, its only like $15 and covers your whole desk.
Originally Posted by NineLives View Post
The sentinel was good for a bit, but I mean it doesnt track very well, that cheap twin laser system it uses sucks balls. It also isnt very accurate and fakes the 5600dpi, its really only 1100, and just increases the sensitivity.

Optical mice>Laser Mice
Fake DPI? What? Not that I'm not trusting you or anything, but do you have any source to back it up? Or any reviews? Because so far, all the reviews on the mouse I'm considering are pretty good. And the Xai is out of my price range so I'm not even going to consider that.

Why are laser not good? Laser is much better than optical is it not?
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