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Default Do 1155 board need special DDR3

I don't thing so but here the problems :

if I install 2 stick of memory in the blue slot, it work fine
if I remove them and place them in the black slot, it work fine
if I place 4 sticks at the same time, the system crash and reboot and make a loop

I try 2 set of 4 sticks, all the same results

here the stick I try : Patriot PVV34G1600LLR 4 of them
G Skill F3-12800cl9q-16GBRL 4 of them

those memory was pull ot from system working fine with 4 of then ( 1 1366 and 1 AMD board )

no I will probably RMA the board the fist in 20 years because I also have this as problem ; Hi, I'm experiencing 2 problem with this board and I have not yet install an OS in it

in the bios if I go in the section Green Power, the system froze, I have to press reset to reboot

the board is a MSI P67A-GD80‏
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