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Originally Posted by jtf2 View Post
wow so hwc is no better than xs i see now.
i saw no foul language of any kind,no personal threats etc etc etc,but when people are replying in a thread started by lanboy,the ban hammer comes down.

so there were some strong statements from both sides -big freakin deal.
if akg,3.0 and mattlef were not long time mebers would the outcome here have been different?

people who drop the hammer freely i think do not want to let certain conversations play out i guess.

and for the record i am from saskatoon,and not an american.

in the end we will be laughing last eh!
You should re-read the rules than mate before you inadvertently step over the line.

Originally Posted by Neolithium_Wpg View Post
No. I recall at least one "long time member" who was banned for the exact same type of posting behavior. Newbies get the same slack as old timers.
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