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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
I'm trying a second install. If I come across any further problems or continue to stick at this one I'll have to create a help thread of my own. Right now the installer won't see the WD Black drive and partition I want to install to...only sees the WD Green drive I have. Funny thing is the LiveCD will see all the drives no problem. If it was a straight-up install onto one disk installed on the mobo then I would be sailing but I seem to be missing something and the threads and guides I have been point to don't seem to address it.
I haven't tried to install it alongside win yet so can't help there.

The article I read in a magazine did say to make sure to defrag win7 first otherwise it will hog all the partitions unless it's a new install also.

Have you tried disconnecting the green to see if it will make a difference...
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