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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
275k+, Hexas @ 3.6.

tpf ~25:56, will take around 1.8 days to complete according to the smp points calculator.

Originally Posted by stoanee View Post
Looks like Linux is in my future, been awhile since I used it though. Should be good for some more grey hairs...
Just use the Musky Mix and it's easy. It also has a link to a basic Ubuntu install guide including partitioning.

Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
My my rant about 2 mins ago in the rant thread.

Frikkin Linux/Ubuntu. If these guys want to make it big time they have to get with the program and make it easier still for Windows users to migrate over.

Just wanted to create an ext3 partition, and point Ubuntu there and press install. Instead, I get root errors and mounting issues....had to go through a few google searches to realize that I needed a frikkin "/" in an advanced menu to install to the drive I frikkin wanted.

Think I got it but why could I not just point to a frikkin partition and press install like Windoze??
It's not any harder than it used to be just to get F@H to run, we've gotten spoiled...

If I can do it anybody can...
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