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Default Static Control

Hey all,

After so much time dealing with computer parts that feel like they were molded out of sh!t, I finally have some parts on the way for a new rig, that I'm christening "Project Panama." But after losing two builds to ESD, I am really leery this time around and want to ensure that NOTHING goes wrong. The nature of my place means I must build while standing on a carpeted surface (although on a wood table with metal legs). I will be wearing rubber-soled flip-flops, but I feel like I need to go further. I feel like I need a pair of nitrile gloves ('cause I hear nitrile is naturally static-resistant) and an anti-static wrist strap. Or more. Do I really need all this? Is there a better way? Am I being paranoid? Any input appreciated. Just wanting to not fry my brand-new rig.

EDIT: Also, I just realized, to my disdain, that my GPU doesn't come with a DVI-to-VGA adapter. How much do these generally run? Prefer to buy one local, not interested in paying like $30 in shipping.
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