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Originally Posted by dwoods99 View Post
I also got a PCH unit (Popcorn Hour) and looking for a simple solution for the lack of DTS support without an AVR hooked up.
The PCH is hooked up directly to an LCD screen which has RED/WHITE audio (analogue connectors.
I am using HDMI video/audio right now which works for AC3 audio. What I need is a convertor that
accepts the PCH's SPDIF output back to analogue.
unfortunately this a draw back with the current version of the PCH. The reason that you can't play DTS over analogue audio connectors is the PCH can't output DTS to a PCM bitstream. It can only do a passthrough. I think this partially because therer is so much more information in a DTS bitstream than Dolby. What i use is a digital coax to my audio reciever with ac3/dts on raw. Works like a charm.
and now for something completely different

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