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One thing I've learned about folding is that things are always changing. For example, the first-generation GPU client only worked with ATI cards. That was just three short years ago (Imagine where you'd be now if you invested heavily in X1900-series Radeons). Then when the GPU client was made available for Nvidia cards, performance so significantly outpaced CPU folding that it made no sense at all to invest in a processor for folding purposes. That was two years ago. Then the bigadv revolution happened last year, reversing every trend in folding for the past 4-5 years back towards CPU computing. Nobody could have seen that one coming, just as surely as nobody can see what's coming just around the corner.

So will bonus-based CPU WUs go away? No, certainly not. Will they always be the points gluttons that they are today? Maybe - but if history has taught us anything, it's that change is the only constant.
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