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The price limit of $1000 is going to limit your choices on good 1080p projectors (unless the prices have come down a lot since i bought mine). As for brand i would stick with either Epson or Optoma. As for models if i were in the market for one i would be looking at the following units.

Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8350
Optoma you listed

You should also consider which projector technology you want to go with both have their pluses and minuses.

DLP - Great contrast, But some people are susceptible to the "Rainbow Effect" which can cause headaches.

LCD - Quick, Great response times, Excellent Color Reproduction. However produces the "Screen Door Effect" which doesn't cause much headaches and is barely noticeable on the 1080p units. Personally i don't notice it on my projector unless i go close up or really look for it. (btw i use an epson projector)

As for brands i love epson as they have a great warranty (2 years on the projector, 90 days on bulbs)
and now for something completely different

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