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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
To the best of my knowledge Marvel will neither confirm nor deny that any of their controllers support TRIM. There is SOME anecdotal evidence that the MS AHCI driver + 9128 will give you Trim support...but I put little faith in that. IMHO if a company wont come out and say is because it doesnt work. I have also seen peeps claim older 7 series AMD chips + MS AHCI would pass the trim command too...and that is highly unlikely. In most cases it is aggressive ITGC that is covering for lack of TRIM.

The only ones that I KNOW to be GUARANTEED to pass the TRIM command are AMD 8 (or later) series, Intel ICH 10 and later (though IIRC 9 also works). Thats its. Anything else by 3rd party makers and previous gens is a crap shoot.
I don't trust Marvel. Their SATA ports are usually because the manufacturer cheapened out and went for someone cheaper. Also, there's a lot of posts on forums about problems from the past inclusions of Marvel hardware. Anyway, this is my impression. I'm not basing it on anything other than what I perceived whenever I came across a discussion about Marvel hardware.

Imho, since they are included on a number of higher end 1155 motherboards, it's probably best to reserve those ports to your data drives. That's what I would do, anyway.
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