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Originally Posted by On2wheels View Post
It's almost incorrect to compare this to BFBC2, and all the bickering over the media between these two really isn't justified. Now that I've actually played BO, I can say it's a totally different mechanic than BF games and is marketed to a different demographic. I'ts really the old adage of 'to each his own', because I can see the positives on both sides now. Yes COD is a quick pick up and play type, and BFBC or even BF2 requires you to dedicate some time to a match to see who wins. Plain and simple, one or the other won't be your cup of tea, and there's nothing wrong with that. This free weekend saved me $40.
i understand where you got that from, and you are right inna way, but now, i will ask you if you played cod4, because cod4 is an AWESOME *pure* MP shooter. Every cod since than has been too busy with themselves. Horrid maps, horrid kill streaks, gameplay that encourages camping...
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