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Question Indigo extreme

Hi all,

Just curious if anyone has done the reflow for Indigo Xtreme, with one loop?.

The manual recommend me to turn off the pump...but how the heck can i keep my videocard cool? The possibility of kiling the expensive piece of hardware make me hesitate using the Xtreme pad.

Maybe I can use the Intel Stock heatsink to do the reflow, but the FAQ does not recommend to take the heatsink off, once the reflow is done. Below is the direct quote from the site:

"Q: The Installation Guide indicated that Indigo Xtreme™ is a single-use product. Why can't it be re-used?
A: Once the heat sink has been removed (and the interface disrupted), products of corrosion, such as oxygen and moisture, have been introduced onto the top surface of the PCMA, thereby degrading both future performance and reliability."

I'm like, "WT?" I bought it and want to use it..but this is ridiculous.

Thanks all for any recommendation.
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