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My System Specs

Default Do I have worms?

Hello; I need help!

I have Windows 7 64 with Avast anti virus.

Here's a list of what started happening to my comp overnight a few days ago.

MS Outlook opens but doesn't respond.
Recycle bin does not respond.
MS Word doesn't respond.
The above might work after a period of time.
Start up takes longer, AIDA64 takes longer to load?
Malicious removal tool hangs if I'm even able to download it. It stopped on something like sysWOW64 dll.
Avast full system scan seems to hang aswell.
IE works.
Comp sometimes takes forever to shut down or seems to hang on shutting down screen.

There might be more symtoms but I've been short for time to see what's what!
I game well, I don't fix well:)

Do I have somekind of comp virus, worm, malware?
Please give me your thoughts.

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