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My System Specs


Yea I have megha all tightended up, you know funny thing is i have tried different fans. Yesterday I tried a combo of titan fenrir fan for intake and a cooler master sickle flow for out take. I set the rmps' for the titan fan to 1500 rpm and set the outtake cooler master fan to 2000 max and guess what, didnt do nothing.

Here are my temps:

I have good case where the air is very well circulated.

My temps on 3.2 ghz I reach maybe 60 degrees after hours of prime 95. I am running two scythe slip stream 1900 rpm's. I have them running both at 75% load.

At 4.2 ghz tho, after a few minutes at 100 percent both fans I hit 81-82 degrees. And I have done so much research and it looks like that maybe normal.

I have re-applied the thermal compound a few times. Cleaned the bases with alcohol. made sure the mounting is 100 percent tight.

See I am so used to the i5 I was using. It was i5 750 and we had clocked to 4.2 ghz. I never hit past 72 degrees and for that we were using titan fenrir xmas edition with single stock fan. But I7's are hyperthreaded and run hot.

Now I am going to start a new thread for the mobo, I cant seem to get the oc genie to work.

Anyways, on the weekend I am going to take out the heatsink and try the titan fenrir with 2 fans to see what happens, as titan has 4 heat pipes but they are massive and they are direct touch.

But then again lol I may just sell the I7 and get an I5 again, as that was my baby! and I miss it:(

Originally Posted by BrutalGreen View Post

NH-D14>HR-02 for best possible temps as no one will run fanless trying to get 4.2ghz and the noctua fans are prettymuch inaudible even at max! Also keep in mind the only way a passive cooler can do any good is if you already have good airflow (aka a few case rly there is no point in trying to go passive for a gaming rig just yet...maybe in a few years)!

P.S. ambient temperature and case airflow matter too, but either way the NH-D14 will get better performance...the question is, how much?

P.P.S. if im not mistaking (which i might be) the mega has a convex base by design so make sure u have proper mounting pressure for the surfaces to make proper contact
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