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Default Cheap GPU folding build

I've got a few spare parts lying around and I'm thinking of building a cheap folding machine to stick under my desk at work. (Hooray for free power!) I plan on just turning it on and leaving it there until it blows up.

I've got an Asus 775 motherboard, a GTX 260, a case, an XP license and an Antec AS300 power supply which will be replaced at some point depending on what I scrounge up. I'm probably going to hit up free geek in Vancouver for the CPU and ram. ($5 CPU for the win)

My questions are:

-What CPU do I need for GPU folding? If I fold on the 260 can I get by with a Pentium 4 or do I need something beefier?
-How much memory do I need? Is 2gb enough or do I need more? Can I get by with 1gb?
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