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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
You know its funny.. Coolit has always had a 2x120 setup but because nobody is familiar with their products nobody ever bought them.

They then team up with Corsair and everyone is like OOH shiny!!
I've had a domino & a ALC, was so so impressed with them ...

And fyi, availability of there 240 + cost made little to no peaple interested in the 240 coolit ones.

NOW there's more dual fan top exausted cases out there like the 690 + if I read right $109-119us msrp peaple WILL be interested in it.

The problem is as others have pointed out ... self sealed are not close enought to custom built wc setups preformance to warrent interest + cheaper large fanned heatsinks make it hard to want to look at 1.
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