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Default Single Loop or Dual Loop? Pump enough for single?

So I really can't make up my mind on this. I have heard that dual loop isnt really any better than one bigger single loop. Right now I have the option to go both ways, as I have a single 5.25"bay res AND a dual loop 5.25" bay res.

The dual option has 2 Laing DDCs (3.25), 1 for each loop, mounted right in the XSPC res. The only reason I am thinking of not going this way, is that i really dont want to have 2 drain ports. There is an option to run the dual res. as 1 single loop by putting each loops return into the other, effectively having 2 pumps in serial, however not in succession. With that config, I am wondering what happens if one pump quits, as both pumps are relying on each other to provide water to their res. With one pump down, will the dead pump still allow water to pass through it?

The other option is, just have one bigger single loop. But I am unsure of if one Laing DDC is enough to work with what I have. The config would be RES.>PUMP>360 RAD>CPU>2nd 360 RAD>GPU BLOCK1>GPU BLOCK2>RES. And run a fillport somewhere at the lowest point of the loop.
I do have a separate pumptop for the DDC, EK Plexi V2.

Any thoughts? Keep in mind that when intel socket 2011 drops, I will just put the 2 DDCs in parallel in 1 big loop. 1 DDC good enough for the single loop?

Thanks in advance.
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