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Default Strange Keyboard problem with keyboards

Ok so this is a strange one (to me that is). So the other day me and my house mate put together a rig for the lounge to stream media to it, he was going to use his old computer for the mobo, cpu etc. only change in it was the gpu which came from another machine. So we ran a reinstall of windows and everything was working fine, we copied over 403GB on to the 500GB HDD, again everything was working fine, but when we took it downstairs and set it up in the lounge, turned it on and the post message said it could not find a keyboard, so we attempted it again with my houses mates current USB keyboard nothing we even tried my wireless keyboard didn't work. So there is on problem from everything working fine in my house mates bedroom to moved to the lounge and the keyboard not working. But here is where it gets stranger and the start of our second problem, once we had given up trying to get this lounge rig to work, we took our keyboards back upstairs I plugged mine in, expecting it just to go like nothing had happened but it didn't, after a bit of faffing I got it working again, as it is wireless I put it down to it needing to be connected to the base station again. So nothing out of the ordinary there though I have just been told by my house mate that since he plugged his USB wired keyboard back into his personal rig it has not worked nothing, it doesn't seem to recognise that it has the keyboard lugged in. Has anyone got any ideas why this is happening as I'm completely stumped. Sorry for so much text but I wanted to try and explain these issues as clearly as I could. --EDIT-- Now this is getting stranger, plugged my house mates keyboard in to my computer and nothing it wasn't working but when I went and plugged it back into his computer it worked for all of 30 seconds, then it stopped working again.

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