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My System Specs


So the loop is complete, here it is before my first live run, I made sure not to do too much, didn't want to anger those first-boot gremlins.

Messy, oh noes.

Its running, and I am very pleased, I brought my idle temps down from 65+(mid 70's when my room was warm) to the 40's. I think theres a good deal more cooling power in this loop, but I am betting that I didn't install the gpu sink very well, may do a remount when I have the time, but I don't think I will, since there is next to no delta from idle-load. Under GPU gaming load I was runing only 3 degrees higher, so thats a good thing I'd say.

Desktop shot, showing my new temps.

This whole thing has been a lot simpler than I ever could have expected it to be, watercooling really isn't the big scary beast a lot of people view it as, took my time, asked those with teh skills(thanks Cptn Vortex especially) and I am happy. But now I think I need to eliminate even more noise from my case, been test fitting to see if I can shove another rad into the drive bay of my case, I think with a little....persuasion in the form of a cutting tool I could fit another MCR220, or if I don't feel like mangling the case, are there any good single-fan rads? Those thermochill singles look good.
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